Bombay Beach

Something like the apocalypse came and went for this small town on the coast of the Salton Sea.
What’s even stranger for me is that people still choose to live here.

Ah, Hans…

Just got back from a road trip around the Salton Sea area.

The morning we left, I was pretty nervous about our Jeep, fondly nicknamed ‘Hans’ making it the distance.
He had a rough life before we adopted him and we’ve been nursing him along since.

When we first attempted to get out to Salvation Mountain the road was blocked by said train below.
and so… being a stubborn South African, I thought to try make a way around.
Following the train track two miles down through the dirt, we found another possible route, through the sand dunes…
Needless to say, there was much call for engaging 4WD.

and we didn’t get there.
More about that tomorrow.

You shall not pass

Yesterday, the way out to Salvation Mountain and Slab City was blocked by this broken train
Today, its not
Tomorrow, more about that

Channelling Jack

We’re channelling Jack Kerouac.
He was cool. we’re just odd.
On the road, without much of a plan other than seeing some of this grand old place.

Here, we meet Charles. He’s amazing.
Escaping the cold of Vermont with his “home on his back”
A bit like a desert hermit crab but prettier.

Salton Sea and Charles yesterday.
Today, Salvation.