quick… say something profound.

was out early on a shoot one of the many chilly mornings we had recently.
the chap in the red jacket was most entertaining but also very saddening… crazy in the most unfortunate way.

oh the poladroid

fantastic!! poladroid has been released for pc.
so the poor and destitute, like myself, can revel in the amazingness of it all.
yay… and thank you.

some images from the great place, maputo.

the 24 hour bug

text censored for sake of humility.

thanks again to the alterpenguinsuperwife for the styling.

a beautiful one

i have a beautiful 4 year old daughter.
she amazes me more everyday and makes me re-evaluate myself everyday.

here she is… posing for me while on a shoot.
cos you know, she has to be involved.