Tilly and the Wall – Defenders

Tilly and the Wall make magic in the desert.

The video for their new single “Defenders” is out now, watch it here

Here are some frames I shot on the set, some of which the band are most graciously using for their promo. Also if you look very carefully, you’ll see the beautiful face of my wild-child daughter running around there in the desert.

Mirella & Lonnie

So, our adventure went a little something like this…

Set up camp (in the dark) up in Holcomb Valley

Woke up (ridiculously) early the next morning

Froze our asses off

Shot some awesome images

Hiked up the mountain

Went climbing

Home in time for dinner


Could it get any better?

Wait… Mirella & Lonnie are on their way to Belize on honeymoon and I’m not an ‘able to fit in check-in luggage sized human’.







Its been a super long time since I posted anything. This is not radical and I have no excuses.

The super radical South African act, Freshlyground, played a super radical free show at the Levitt Pavilion almost a year ago. Here are some frames of Zolani and her magic.

Better late than never, huh?


28th Annual Long Beach LGBT Pride Parade this past weekend