Mirella & Lonnie

So, our adventure went a little something like this…

Set up camp (in the dark) up in Holcomb Valley

Woke up (ridiculously) early the next morning

Froze our asses off

Shot some awesome images

Hiked up the mountain

Went climbing

Home in time for dinner


Could it get any better?

Wait… Mirella & Lonnie are on their way to Belize on honeymoon and I’m not an ‘able to fit in check-in luggage sized human’.






Tracie & Vincenzo


So, I had loosely planned to update my blog in some sort of chronological order but after shooting Tracie & Vincenzo’s wedding this past weekend…Well, that plan kind of went out the window.

These two are so amazing and so very much in love.

Here are a few frames from their engagement session I shot a couple months back.